R&M provides propane, oil and fuel services for residential, construction and agricultural needs
across Southwestern Illinois and Missouri.




Engine Fuel

With R&M you can count on the finest propane gas and LP gas services at competitive propane prices.

Lowest Gas Prices in Columbia
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Our fuel is treated year round with a Schaffer’s additive products. So you get the full use of the fuel year around even at sub zero temps’.

  • We carry ultra low sulfur diesel in clear and dyed for highway and off road use.

  • We carry bio diesel products made of bean oil (Not fatty acid fuel).

  • We also carry all three grades of reformulated gasoline.

Experience Propane

R&M thinks outside the propane tank.

From propane conversions to propane heaters to the comforts of propane fireplaces, R&M provides affordable and reliable propane for your home, farm or business.

Propane has long been recognized as the “green” energy. By using this exceptional energy, homeowners can help cut emissions and protect the environment.

Oil & Lubricants

R&M sells oil.

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Locally owned and operated,

to give you the best service, at the lowest price.

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