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R&M has installed pumps at its Columbia location
so we can pass the savings on to you.
 Click here for directions to 603 Old State Road, Columbia, IL 

 About Our Fuel

For your fuel needs we carry ultra low sulfur diesel in clear and dyed for highway and off road use. We carry bio diesel products with only using bean oil (Not fatty acid fuel).

Fleet Vehicles, Buses, Work Trucks, Fork Lifts, And Lawn Equipment Can Now Benefit From Versatile, Reliable And Economical Propane Fuel.

Propane can meet the performance needs of high-mileage, high-run time vehicles and equipment that range from large, powerful police cruisers, bus and truck fleets, and forklifts and lawn equipment.

Dedicated propane vehicles or propane bi-fuel vehicles operate from a centralized propane refueling station located on your premises which saves time and operating expenses.

Lowest Gas Prices in Columbia

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Propane-fueled vehicles and equipment offer the following benefits:

R&M is the place for your Fuel Equipment.

Call 1-888-281-FUEL(3835) or 618-281-4928 for pricing.


Hand Pumps
Rotary Hand Pumps
Grease Gun Pumps
Pail/Drum/Keg Pumps


Fill-Rite 110V or 12V with or without Meter
DEF 110V Pump
DEF Hand Pump
Rebuild Kits & Parts


Drum Dolly
Keg Dolly
Barrel Stand (55 Gallon)
Drum Plug Wrench (Aluminum)
At-A-Glance Gauge / Replacement Parts
16′ Gauge Stick
Leak Gauge
Foot Valves (Brass)
Swival Connectors
Gate Valve
Barrel Faucet
Filter Head
Farm Hose 14′ to 20′
Auto Shut-Off Nozzle
Farm Nozzle


Misc. Pipe Fittings

Fuel Tanks

Call 1-888-281-FUEL(3835) or 618-281-4928 for pricing.

300 gallon Standard Skid
560 gallon Standard Skid
1000 gallon Standard Skid
2000 gallon Standard Skid
300 gallon Overhead Tank
500 gallon Overhead Tank
300 gallon Double Wall Skid Tank
550 gallon Double Wall Skid Tank
1000 gallon Double Wall Skid Tank
2500 gallon Double Wall Skid Tank
Auto Shut-Off Nozzles
Leak Gauges
Farm Hoses
Pumps 110V or 12V with or without Meter
Split DW Tanks
Float Guages
Fillcap w/Lock
Emergency Vents

Time for a fill up?