We offer propane for home, farm and businesses.  In these trying economic times we offer a competitive pre-paid propane contract so you can lock in your price for the winter months when prices usually rise. For the farm we offer dryer gas and hog house heat along with anything else you would need.

For your fuel needs we carry ultra low sulfur diesel in clear and dyed for highway and off road use. We carry bio diesel products with only using bean oil (Not fatty acid fuel). Our fuel is treated year round with a Schaffer’s additive products. So you get the full use of the fuel year around even at sub zero temps’. We carry all three grades of reformulated gasoline which is required in our area.

We offer a tank leasing program with very competitive rates. We also have a variety of tanks, both above ground and underground available for you to purchase.

For your convenience, we can also fill BBQ cylinders, forklift cylinders, campers and RV’s at our Columbia, IL location.

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For pricing, please call 1-888-281-FUEL(3835) or 618-281-4928.